The Kadena CUDA miner can be found here: Download.

This miner has been tested on Ubuntu with Nvidia 1060/1070/2080Ti.

This Miner has a 25% 'dev fee'. This means 25% of the time your miner is mining for the developer's public key, and the rest of the time it will mine for the public key you pass in with the flag.


1) Download the miner

2) Install libcurl 'sudo apt install libcurl4-openssl-dev'

3) Install Cuda Toolkit. 4) Run: './minerxxxx -key d38722b2e7037a0a84b0a75bcecc584f823f281ba04191348e381e2dd8f7edf3 -host https://us-w3.chainweb.com/chainweb/0.0/mainnet01 -device=0'

Replace 'minerxxxx' with the binary you wish to run. Replace key and host with your public key and your host name. The key that is passed in will also be used for your Kadena account name. Device can be set if you have multiple GPUs.

5) Profit! The miner will continually request 'work' from the host and scan a nonce range. If a nonce is found that meets the required difficulty you will get a 'Found Nonce!' message:

'Found Nonce! 000000000000000f
chain 0, cut 20000'

Note: Not all valid solved works will enter the chain as you may be pre-empted by another miner.

Reported Speeds